Natalie Butler - Mindset + Weight Loss Coach
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Thanks for visiting this page and being interested enough to want to learn more about me and what I do :)

My name is Natalie Butler but you can just call me your Glow Up Coach 😉

I teach women how to glow up with confidence!

I am a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Goal Success Coach, Certified Happiness Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach and Certified Confidence and Growth Mindset Coach.

Yes, I love learning and I love sharing with others what I've learned. 

How It Started

weight loss before and after
Let me know if any of this resonates... 

 I ruined an all-expenses paid all-inclusive trip in Cabo. 

On the left, my hip was starting to hurt. Popping pain pills left and right because something was always hurting on me. I got winded easily. Pre-hypertension. Low self-esteem. Afraid to face myself in the mirror: mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

I didn’t like myself. 

I wasn’t listening to myself. 

I wasn’t honoring myself. 

I had no idea who I truly was. 

 I felt like I was just existing. 

I did everything to try to avoid myself. 

And let's be honest, I felt like sh*t. 

So let me tell you what happened in Cabo.... 

Me, the hubby and our cousins went out for drinks and dinner. 

I’m throwing shots back to back like it was water. 

I actually had a buzz going on. 

We were walking down the street and there was this beautiful lady standing at the street light. 

She’s tall. She’s beautiful. She has legs for days and she was wearing a fitted dress that stopped mid-thigh. 

She was laughing with her friends. 
She looked so freaking happy. 
Minding her business. 

I don’t even think she noticed us. 

But I sobered up real quick looking at her. 

Everything just slowed down and I was reminded of how miserable I really was. 

I know jealousy is perfectly normal—it’s just a part of us that actually feels inspired but this was something else. 

I really didn't like this feeling. 

It was like everything, every negative emotion, every negative thought just came rushing to the forefront. 

So I went back to the hotel room. Stayed up all night. Sober and miserable. (Not how I planned on the night going). 

I wanted to cry so bad. 

She represented everything I was not. 

But after sitting up for hours, something clicked. 

Why be jealous of her when I can do the same thing? Why get mad at her for having a nice body when I can create my own? 

So I said f*ck that and decided to ditch the whole “body goals” mindset. 
No one is “body goals” to me anymore. 

For me, it created this fallacy that I couldn’t obtain it---someone would always have what I wanted. And what happens when you want something but think you can’t get it? You become mean, bitter, spiteful, angry, sad, resentful and depressed. 

And that's exactly what happened to me... I looked at her, said she was perfect, and here I am --- a slob. 

I didn't want to be in Cabo anymore. I didn't want to risk running into her or anyone who looked anything like her. I was ready to go. 

The fun was over. 

Listen, if this sounds anything like you, trust me... to say I've been there before is probably the biggest understatement of the year! 

But guess what? I came back home with an action plan. I said I would lose the weight but this time around, it couldn’t be like any of my other failed attempts. 

I would do it the real way. 

I would stop creating a battle with myself and figure out what it really takes to lose weight so I could stop playing around and killing my own confidence. I made it through it and I'm here to help you do the same!
Natalie Butler - Mindset and Weight Loss Coach

Personal Life

I am a proud Chicagoan.

I have my BS in Technical Management (Marketing). I’m two classes short of having my MBA but honestly, haven’t really thought about pursuing it.

I love my husband. When we met, I hadn’t finishing my BS and he kept being the motivation to tell me to go back to school and finish.

Honestly, my degree has helped me in my career, it provided me with business and marketing skills plus helped me learn to have a student mentality so I’m always looking for ways to improve.

I've been married to my husband Aaron since 2013. 

Aaron and I welcomed our beautiful little baby boy, Aiden, in July 2023.

I am a dog mom to two pits, Smoke and Skye. 

Smoke is "MY" dog and Skye is "Aaron's" dog --- yes, we actually fight over who's dog is who but they're both MY dogs 😄 

They love me more (yes, these are the types of things we say).

I have been sober since October 2020 and prior to my last drink in October, I was sober 6 months out of 2020. 

This is a big accomplishment for me. Prior to this, I used to tell myself I needed liquor to survive. 

This was largely due to my fear.

I was conditioned to be a people pleaser so naturally I feared rejection.

I used liquor to cope with being in situations where I was afraid to say no, afraid to express myself, and eventually, I just started using liquor for everything.

It all stopped when I started to pour into myself instead of my wine glass or SOLO cup.

I had to learn how to be ok with being me — being true to myself.

Which is why I’m big on self-love.

Throughout this whole journey, I’ve learned some very interesting things about myself.

I’m an introvert —- knew that but I’m also intuitive, highly sensitive and even claircognizant.

I can pick up on other’s energy really well and now that I’m being true to myself and honoring myself, I’m learning how to practice discernment. 

I used to force myself to be around people even though they weren’t good for my mental, physical or spiritual health — but no more.

So yes, this will also come across in my coaching.


Who Do I Work With

I work with high-vibe, spiritual women who realize they have the power to create change in their life.

As a coach, I serve as a facilitator, mentor, motivator, cheerleader and a sounding board but one thing that I cannot do is do the work for you. You must be committed and trust me, if you are committed, I will do everything I can to help you.

One thing I have recently decided to do was stay true to myself and be authentic. I cannot ant something for you more than you want it for yourself. As someone who is highly sensitive, I realized this is a complete drain on my energy so I had to learn to overcome my scarcity mindset and realize there is not a shortage of clients out there.

I don't say this to come off like I'm better than anyone but if we are not a good match, I will let you. I love working with positive, goal-oriented women who celebrate victories!

We HAVE to match vibrationally. 

How Can You Work With Me

Join the 21-day Weight Loss that Lasts Challenge and I'll walk you through my method to lose stubborn body fat and keep it off without giving up your favorite foods or spending countless hours in the gym!
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