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Are you a small business owner looking to increase visibility, drive traffic to your website and gain more leads/sales without spending all day on social media?

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Lanise's Story:

Lanise is a cosmetology instructor and blogger based out of Chicago. When she came to me, she was not using Pinterest for business. Together, we worked together not only to increase her visibility but to drive more traffic to her blog AND use Pinterest to start gaining leads for her online cosmetology courses!*CF73DBCA-6D3B-40B5-9A4B-AF0C9A56B731*jpeg?alt=media&token=60a9e60c-545e-4e00-afd8-82f2c5d21f1e

Dreama's Story:

Look at the wonderfully talented artist behind Dream Design Arts. When we first spoke, she had no idea how to use Pinterest for business (having just 10 monthly viewers). She downloaded the Pinning for Winning workbook and we talked briefly about areas of improvement. In one month, her account has grown from 30k monthly viewers to 97k monthly viewers. Now she's at 184k and ONE of her videos has 26k views and is directing traffic to her website and helping new clients find her!*4BD4542F-E4E8-4452-B0E3-E4770F7CF667*jpeg?alt=media&token=d2a9bec4-94b2-4341-a894-18ba3fa35dfb*Dreama*JPG?alt=media&token=724e1601-eeba-466f-9e0d-0771c0cec180*9EBE027A-C781-422F-A861-316C1A92C6CE*jpeg?alt=media&token=cc559ac3-aac7-48f5-b3a1-4b105c20f634*286E1A6B-6FC9-43FE-9DF7-07118866C864*jpeg?alt=media&token=2ba662fe-ee98-4f02-801d-e4cf2bfa110b*859400A4-A776-47F9-96C3-5D82AD924A5F*jpeg?alt=media&token=50ec85e0-83c2-409e-ac60-1200ab20bd16

Helen's Story:

Meet Helen of Orleans Dream Girl, LLC. When it came to Pinterest, she was completely lost. She didn't have a business Pinterest account and wasn't really using Pinterest at all so it was really like starting from scratch.

I set up her account, created and implemented the best strategy to target her ideal audience, linked her Shopify store to increase exposure, created pins on her behalf, built a landing page and lead capture for her, wrote email nurture sequence for her and started directing online traffic and email leads to her sales page. Now she's generating traffic, leads and sales with Pinterest and all she had to do was hire me!*5ABF3CA3-7EF4-4545-8F8B-1A85D858ABC6*jpeg?alt=media&token=62759e49-dae6-4974-9293-f21b0089c299*Pinterest%20Growth*PNG?alt=media&token=f67c453b-fff0-4499-be89-c9493c84586b

Tonya's Story:

Tonya has been in the group for less than a week and Pinterest is already the top source of traffic to her Etsy store!*Tonya2*jpg?alt=media&token=510c1df8-8f3d-4958-ba75-1f527e80cb10