Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook marketing strategies 2020

As we all know, Facebook is the social media GIANT! And if you’re a business owner, you want to be on Facebook. It’s an inexpensive way to reach the masses!

How can we help you:

social media consultant
Learn how we can help you use Facebook to reach your marketing objectives.

Consulting - $75/hr

Already implemented a Facebook strategy and not getting the results you want? Let's hop on a call and ask me any and everything you want! You'll receive a link to Zoom conference so that you may be able to share screen and get accurate feedback and/or suggestions.

Account Setup - $150

Just getting started with Facebook and don’t have a business page yet or it isn’t fully setup? Have your account setup and optimized for future ads.

Growth Package - $300 per month

Understand the importance of being on Facebook but don't have time to actively manage your account?

This package is perfect for you!

* We'll post to your account 3x per week
* Create content
* Engage with audience
* Focus on building community
* Grow your audience
* Drive traffic to your site

Lead Generation
Starting at $250 per Month

Looking to generate leads from Facebook? We’ll run a lead generation campaign on your behalf, complete with landing page.

Ad budget is separate and will vary depending on your goals.
Ads Management - Variable
When it comes to digital marketing, you have to make an investment — either your time, money or combination of both. If you want to speed up results, scale or free up time, we’ll launch an effective ad campaign to help you meet your marketing objective.
Not sure what's the best package or program for you? Let's chat!