Intuitive Readings

What is an intuitive reading?

oracle card and intuitive reading
An intuitive reading tells you what you need to know, helps identify the blocks that are stopping you from manifesting your goal and provides insights and guidance on how to obtain it. 

I help you tap into your subconscious so you can release the blocks that are in the way of you manifesting your goal. 

You will leave with a sense of clarity, feeling empowered and have action steps that you can implement that will help you get closer to your goal.  

When it comes to a reading, please have one question in mind.

I suggest staying away from "yes/no" type of questions and digging a little deeper so we can get to the root of the question in order to provide the best guidance.

About intuitive readings:

Intuitive readings are not:

  • a medical diagnosis (nor will I provide one so please do not ask medical/health/pregnancy related questions)
  • legal advice (please contact an attorney)
  • therapy (if you need a therapist, I have a network of referrals to pass to you but I am not a counselor or therapist)
  • fortune telling (though there are some fortune tellers out there, I am not)
  • channeling deceased loved ones (though there are some people out there who connect with the our loved ones in another realm, I am not)

The reading is based off your energy and what you need to know in this moment so please schedule when you are feeling well. 

Type of Services: 

▶ 3-Card Intuitive Oracle Reading - receive an email or text response to your question.
▶ Intuitive Oracle and Tarot Reading - this is about a 30-minute session where you can ask a specific question and get more detailed guidance. You will receive the response as either video/audio recording. 
▶ 1 Hr Intuitive Reading and Coaching - this is a collaborative, in-depth session conducted via Zoom where we really focus on a specific issue, dig deeper, explore options, and also receive guidance.

Intuitive Oracle and Tarot Reading for Jessi:

Jessi asked for just a general reading but I could tell her energy was being drained because of a bad breakup or relationship.*946980A4-8839-4FA3-A502-E38D8F9B84F9*jpeg?alt=media&token=3e102eae-fd6b-41ac-8b6e-ca25dc56ae1a

Intuitive Oracle and Tarot Reading for Kara:

Kara mentioned that she was feeling like giving up so I did a read to realize the energy was coming from a toxic environment/family.*41BB05A2-AC5C-4E6E-AFA1-06058A755908*jpeg?alt=media&token=8b2ad712-91c5-454d-8d2e-4553e2ece352

Intuitive Oracle and Tarot Reading for Ashleigh:

Ashleigh uploaded a beautiful bright picture of her smiling but her energy felt heavy —- even through the smile.*1DF2E14C-3376-4BE5-9570-8D81E589D655*jpeg?alt=media&token=3e9118ab-6054-467c-9f59-62b303edf203

Intuitive Oracle and Tarot Reading for Erin:

Erin asked for a general reading and her energy was saying she had a bunch of self-doubt, felt disconnected and needed assistance on what to do to get back connected to herself and spiritual gifts.*2E60783B-FC85-450A-97BB-595B550B30BC*jpeg?alt=media&token=f4056151-17f4-4efd-8ef4-21af11bed84e

Book Your Intuitive Reading Now*5276462C-4788-4DF2-B8B3-CF2F7E0D98DA*jpeg?alt=media&token=0f3ca58a-bdd5-4d2f-8768-3bcc639cdfac

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