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Why Pinterest?

There are over 400 million active monthly users on Pinterest and majority of them are:

  • Millennials
  • Women
  • Mothers
  • Have incomes of over $75k
  • Actively searching for solutions and new products to try

Does that sound like YOUR ideal client? If so, then there's absolutely no reason why YOUR business shouldn't be on Pinterest!

MOST entrepreneurs are leaving this goldmine WIDE OPEN and haven't even began to look at Pinterest for business.

I understand, you don't have time to worry about learning another social media platform. I get it! You're busy enough!

That's why I created this package just for you:

  • You don't need to create or manage another social media account
  • You don't have to worry about posting/pinning algorithms
  • You'll start receiving qualified leads direct to your inbox who need YOUR help

Ready for people to reach out to YOU asking for YOUR help?

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Why focus on lead generation?

You've probably seen it now but there is A LOT of competition in the online world. Just about everyone has a product and all of them look the same! Consumers become overwhelmed and oftentimes, they can't figure out the difference between any of them.

They'll look at your product and go right to the next. How can they guarantee that YOUR product solves their needs?

Sometimes, it's just so confusing that they don't know HOW to choose the right product, so they just leave!

And this is the RIGHT group of people for your business. People who actually need YOU.

What's the best way to separate yourself from the competition? YOU!

How does Pinterest help with lead generation?

Pinterest users (aka pinners) are in the very beginning stage of their search and they aren't loyal to any brand or product. They're actively looking for a solution to a specific problem. If you can solve their problem, you've gained their trust.

Having a sales funnel in place helps you capture website visitor's emails so this way you can continue to build the relationship and show them just how special you really are even AFTER they've left your website!

With emails, you can sell ANYTHING you want so they don't just have to purchase that one product. If you decide to create another business, you can jumpstart it with your list of contacts. Remember, you OWN your list.

With the Lead Gen Package, you'll receive leads daily who are interested in your services and those leads will turn into paying customers or clients.

Instead of yelling "buy my product" or "go to my website", imagine sending people to a site, gaining their interest, capturing their contact info, building trust and then making sales day after day because you took the time to separate yourself from everyone else who was saying and selling the same thing. There's a system in place doing all of the work for you.

It takes the pressure off and stops you from always working IN your business so you can spend more time working ON your business. No more chasing people!

With the Lead Gen Package, I'll create everything for you --- YES!!! Including the "copy" (aka wording or content) so all you have to do is just sit back and watch!

Here's what the lead generation process includes:

  • Pin creation - multiple pins designed to grab attention and drive traffic to website (landing page)
  • Lead capture - a page designed and optimized to capture their email or other contact information plus another page to upsell product
  • Follow-up sequence - depending on your business, we can either connect to existing email client for sales email series to build rapport, engage and drive traffic to e-commerce site, online calendar, etc

If needed, I'll help you integrate your existing email marketing service with mine so you can send email blasts on your own.

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Meet Helen of Orleans Dream Girl, LLC. When it came to Pinterest, she was completely lost. She didn't have a business Pinterest account and wasn't really using Pinterest at all so it was really like starting from scratch.

I set up her account, created and implemented the best strategy to target her ideal audience, linked her Shopify store to increase exposure, created pins on her behalf, built a landing page and lead capture for her, wrote email nurture sequence for her and started directing online traffic and email leads to her sales page. Now she's generating traffic, leads and sales with Pinterest and all she had to do was hire me!

After account creation:


Example of Pin Created:



I do not have a website. Can I still use Pinterest?
Technically, you can; however, we highly recommend having a website. With each "pin" you create, you are prompted to enter your website. From there, Pinterest users can visit your website. If you do not have anywhere to send them, you are missing out on a lot of business AND it will be harder to measure your results. BUT thanks to the Lead Gen package, I'm creating a lead capture for you :)

What if I have a website but not a blog. Can I still use Pinterest if I do not have a blog?
Yes, you can send traffic to any of your websites. That includes lead magnets, product pages, podcast episodes and wherever you have a digital home!

I have a product-based business. Will Pinterest work for me?
Yes! Over 89% of Pinterest users have stated they've purchased a new product because of Pinterest. Pinterest users are in discovery-mode so they are not locked down to any specific brand. They are looking for solutions and they are open to all brands. This is why Pinterest is perfect for small businesses.

I'm an affiliate/network marketer. Can I use Pinterest?
Yes, you certainly can!

Will I get more support if I have a question?
Of course! You'll have access to the Pinning for Winning Facebook group, e-mail and chat support. We understand that learning a technology can be intimidating so we will not leave you high and dry.

Another question that wasn't answered here?
Please send email to natalie@sociallyaccepted.co.