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Are you a coach or aspiring coach looking to make an impact?*Me2*jpeg?alt=media&token=511bebe2-ac53-402e-a73b-af2bbc99fd82
Learn how to maximize your efforts and make a bigger impact helping others by being mentored by me!

We'll cover what you're currently doing, social media goals, how to attract your ideal audience and how to create content that converts so you're turning those likes into leads and cash!

Because this is a mentorship, not coaching, this is completely tailored to where you are in your business and each week we will meet to discuss the current direction of your business, your goals and how to get there!


1 hour kick-off call
30-minute weekly check-in
Ongoing support and accountability

Monthly investment: $500

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Paid Ads - Leads as Low as a Quarter!!!*20B05E92-AA3E-4B68-9C2B-20688DDDB1EE*jpeg?alt=media&token=b4e46572-3dec-45d6-a27f-22de553915cf

Leads Coming in Daily*A89D65D4-BD90-445F-8037-5C1EED1BEE66*jpeg?alt=media&token=2357fb3c-f407-46e8-b5ef-91e96d443f0a

Leads Turning into Paying Clients*C88714B2-4A0A-49AB-BBAC-95969DAD936A*jpeg?alt=media&token=cdbb4583-d6d5-4647-ae44-e81a1f3c05a0

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I do not have a website. Can this work?
Technically, you can; however, I highly recommend having a website or a lead capture page. If you do not have anywhere to send them, you are missing out on a lot of business AND it will be harder to measure your results. If you are interested in having a sales funnel built, please email

I have a product-based business. Will this mentorship work for me?
Unfortunately, not. I am giving the exact strategy and structure that I am personally using in my business and though SOME things may work, it is geared more towards service-based businesses.

Will I get more support if I have a question?
Of course! Outside of our weekly calls, you will also have email/text support Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm CST.

Another question that wasn't answered here?
Please send email to