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Socially Accepted, LLC is a social media consulting agency dedicated to teaching women how to use Pinterest to increase visibility, build brand awareness and generate traffic and leads for their business!

What We Do:

Just because you’re working all the time doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a good thing. You lose valuable time with your family. Your mind is constantly in overdrive and stress is never a good thing. We’ll come up with a simplified solution that’ll give you peace of mind and results!

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Pinterest is one of the TOP referral sources for internet traffic; it's over 1600x more likely to send traffic to your website than Facebook! Let us show you how to target your ideal audience, drive them to your website and starting generating leads/sales on autopilot!

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No more telling people to DM or text you. It’s too time consuming and only creates more stress for you. Have a simple system that allows you to capture leads, follow up and even direct to your calendar or sales page on autopilot. Ready to start working smarter?

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Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms out. It works as a discovery tool so it’s perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to expand their reach. We teach you how to target your ideal audience and close leads on autopilot using Pinterest.

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Facebook is the largest social media platform on the market and its perfect for reaching just about anyone! Learn how to use Facebook to grow your business!

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