Pinterest account setup

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The Account Setup Package was designed for entrepreneurs who don’t mind doing the work! Together, you and I will implement the perfect Pinterest marketing strategy that will have you generating leads and sales in no time!

I will create the account for you and you can simply manage it!

What's included:

  • Create/clean up account
  • Add website to Pinterest
  • Upload profile image
  • Create OPTIMIZED account name
  • Create account description
  • Claim your Etsy/Shopify/Squarespace/WordPress website
  • Link Etsy/Shopify/Squarespace store to Pinterest for easier checkout
  • Install Pinterest pixel on website
  • Create 10 keyword targeted boards to attract your ideal audience
  • Optimize existing boards
  • 100 pins to help you jumpstart your account
  • Set "Featured Boards"
  • Set up rich pins
  • Upload and optimize 4 existing products to direct traffic to your website
  • Create group boards
  • Best hashtags to use for your business

You’ll receive support so even though you are doing this, you are not alone:

- Report of work completed

- 45 minute to explain strategy

- 30-day text/email support

One-time investment: $150

Let's get started:

Once the setup is complete, I will reach out to schedule call to go over account with you.

See How Others Are Getting Results:

She was using Facebook video for over 6 years and in less than a month, Pinterest is her #1 social media referral source! Over 700% increase in traffic to Etsy store using Pinterest!*Tonya2*jpg?alt=media&token=510c1df8-8f3d-4958-ba75-1f527e80cb10

Over 2K Views Overnight on a Brand New Account!!!*C4D1CADA-025C-421F-80D1-28A1EFC2AB9C*jpeg?alt=media&token=b6ae4ac5-d9d1-4e7b-b626-a2b31aa647f1

Brand New Account is Already Getting Sales!!!*Yevonne*jpg?alt=media&token=419f47f9-861b-44d7-a342-e1c497555d7d

Just One Pin Drove Over 14,000 People to the Website in 90 Days!!!*50F7DA91-0F12-4B1F-88BE-8DAEBECA6E08*png?alt=media&token=801b2217-86cb-4427-877d-fd314c81cec0


I do not have a website. Can I still use Pinterest?
Technically, you can; however, we highly recommend having a website. With each "pin" you create, you are prompted to enter your website. From there, Pinterest users can visit your website. If you do not have anywhere to send them, you are missing out on a lot of business AND it will be harder to measure your results. If you are interested in having a sales funnel built, please email

What if I have a website but not a blog. Can I still use Pinterest if I do not have a blog?
Yes, you can send traffic to any of your websites. That includes lead magnets, product pages, podcast episodes and wherever you have a digital home!

I have a product-based business. Will Pinterest work for me?
Yes! Over 89% of Pinterest users have stated they've purchased a new product because of Pinterest. Pinterest users are in discovery-mode so they are not locked down to any specific brand. They are looking for solutions and they are open to all brands. This is why Pinterest is perfect for small businesses.

I'm an affiliate/network marketer. Can I use Pinterest?
Yes, you certainly can; however, we recommend against just using stock images and trying to direct them to the website. That hardly works on ANY social media platform today. If you're interested in learning more about how to use Pinterest as an affiliate, e-mail

Will I get more support if I have a question?
Of course! You'll have access to the Pinning for Winning Facebook group, e-mail and chat support. We understand that learning a technology can be intimidating so we will not leave you high and dry.

Another question that wasn't answered here?
Please send email to