Weight Loss Coaching (copy)
Weight Loss Coaching for Women.

It’s time, sis.

Let me show you how to ditch the diet and lose weight without giving up the food you love! 

Yes,  let's put an end to the constant diets, diet pills, supplements, wraps and long gym sessions.

It’s time to glow up and do things the SIMPLE way.

A lot of folks overcomplicate this process and leave you doubting yourself.

It’s not as complicated as they make it seem.

And you can finally reach your weight loss goals without:

  • without starving yourself
  • without giving up the foods you enjoy 
  • without killing yourself in the gym for hours

You deserve so much more than that! 

I’m going to show you how to become a master of yourself and your body so you can stop depending and relying on other people to tell you when and what to eat 👀 

You’re going to learn a process that shows you how to eat to stay full, how to eat the foods you enjoy and how to enjoy the foods you love without shame or guilt! 

Yessss…I'm here to help you rebuild your confidence, get back in touch with you and your Higher Self so you lose weight AND keep it off! 

Learn how you can shed those extra pounds and start manifesting your dream body now!

Investment: $1,500 or 3 monthly payments of $600
Weight loss coaching for wormen

Is the Glow Up Accelerator right for you?

Are you tired of: 
➡ Going in your closet and realizing nothing fits 
➡ Tired of losing the same 5-10lbs all over again 
➡ Feeling stuck, confused and unsure of what to do 
➡ Saying you'll start tomorrow and tomorrow never comes 
➡ Your clothes fitting tighter and buying new BIGGER clothes 
➡ Coming up with these super complicated plans that you never stick to 
➡ Trying to lose 20, 30, or 40lbs before the next event, birthday or gathering 
➡ Hiding when someone comes around with the camera and trying to suck it in  
➡ Always trying to find the perfect outfit so you can try to hide and hope no one notices 
➡ Hiding and playing it safe because you aren't confident and don't want the attention on you

What would it mean to you if you: 

📌 Had more energy and felt lighter 
📌 Felt more confident in your clothes 
 📌 Looked good in every single outfit you wore 
 📌 Felt more confident while attending social gatherings 
 📌 Went out and bought that cute little black dress and felt super sexy in it 
 📌 Stopped starting and stopping your weight loss journey over and over again 
 📌 Stopped beating yourself up for eating something "bad" and trying to make up for it 
 📌 Didn't have to keep trying diet after diet to try to lose weight for your birthday or family gathering 

Let me just ask: how much has not reaching your weight loss goals costs you so far? 

I mean the TOTAL costs: vacations? Family events? Business growth? Relationships? Happiness? 

How long have you been spinning this wheel trying to lose weight? 

How long will you continue to spin the wheel?  

Are you ready to start prioritizing your health? It's time. 

How is the Glow Up Accelerator different than the others?

I do not believe in being miserable and do not buy into the whole "no pain no gain" mindset when it comes to losing weight AND keeping off. Trust me, I did the whole "no pain no gain" thing for 10 years --- didn't work. 

Instead, I'm going to show you a simple and realistic approach that will have you feeling more confident about yourself and your food choices while also dropping pounds.

I am going to show you how to eat to lose weight 👀

To do this, we explore:

- Mindset - sis, if you want to stop repeating the cycle of up and down, you have to address WHY you do it so you can finally put an end to self-sabotage

- Gentle nutrition - this is REAL nutrition, no demonizing foods or making you feel bad for eating something 

- Lifestyle approaches - at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what works. What matters is what works for YOU. So together, we come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle.

This way you enjoy what you're doing and if you enjoy it, guess what?! You're also consistent!

Weight loss isn't something that happens overnight. It's because of our consistent efforts that creates consistency and when we are consistent, we reach our goals! 

So I'm going to show you how to rebuild your confidence so you stop spinning in circles and jumping from diet to diet or pill to pill. 

And most importantly, with GUA, you’ll start stepping into that badass BOSS energy where you're not looking for someone to tell you when, what and how to do anything because you are back in control of your life!  

 You are confident in your decisions AND you're getting results! 

What all comes with the Glow Up?

While working together, we cover the following topics: 

✅ Setting realistic goals so you're not crushing your confidence and giving up  
✅ Eating for the body you want and deserve with gentle and SIMPLE nutrition and lifestyle tips 
✅ Prioritizing yourself and your health so you reach your goals despite your crazy, chaotic schedule 
✅ Mastering mindful eating so take back the power and control in your life  
✅ Attending social gatherings and meetings while not feeling overwhelmed, stuck and regretting your food choices 
✅ Tackling emotional eating by identifying triggers and self-sabotage so you lose the weight and keep it off! 

Yes! It’s everything you need to help you lose weight AND keep it off!

Inside of the Glow Up Accelerator, you'll get: 

  • 1-hr kick off call
  • 30-minute weekly check-ins via Zoom 
  • Free physical copy of my Glow Up Planner  
  • Jumpstart shopping list and eating out guide
  • Online account portal for journaling and tracking 
  • Resources and worksheets for mindset work (if needed) 
  • E-mail/text/PM support during business hours (M-F 8-7pm) 
  • Private Facebook group for additional support and community


Eve is 53 and she was believing the lie that she couldn't lose weight due to her age💚
weight loss coaching
Check out Whitney who’s a busy real estate agent💚
Check out Eres who had been stuck in her weight loss journey💚
Check out Laki who started to feel better immediately💚


What's the investment? 

You can make a one-time payment of $1,500 or 3 monthly payments of $600.

Do you diagnose and treat illnesses?
No, if you believe you have a medical condition, I suggest you speak with a medical professional such as a registered dietitian or your physician. 

I can work in conjunction with your dietitian to help you implement their treatment plan but I cannot prescribe you a plan.

Does the coaching come with modules or material?

Yes, I have video modules where I coach and teach you how to reach your goals. However, my coaching meets you where you are RIGHT NOW so we can help you get to where you want to be. If your main concern is nutrition, we focus on nutrition. If it's about unlearning a lot of things such as good/bad food, we work on that. It's completely customized to fit your needs.

Do you teach me a certain diet? 

Nope! I am pro-YOU!! I’m going to show you how to become a master of yourself so you feel 100% confident in your food choices AND reach your weight loss goals! I will share principles to help you eat, stay full, and enjoy the foods you eat WHILE losing weight but the choice is ultimately up to you! 

Why do you think most people struggle with losing weight or making the best decisions? 

I personally believe there are 3 main reasons why many of us struggle with weight. Personally, I fell under all three.

Most of us have been conditioned to ignore ourselves and therefore, we don’t trust ourselves or we hold on to old thoughts and beliefs from childhood. As babies, we ate intuitively. We would signal our adults to let them know to feed us. How? By crying.

Around the time we’re about 5, we usually lose that connection with ourselves because we’re taught to “eat everything on the plate”, “there are starving kids somewhere else”, etc. This conditioned us to ignore our hunger and fullness cues. Conditioned us to think it was ok to be stuffed, uncomfortable and can’t move - did someone say you got the ITIS 😒 

We were also conditioned to look at food as either punishment or reward. Ever get candy or dessert for doing something? 

So either we turn to food to handle our emotions or we’ve gotten so good at ignoring our own bodies that we second guess them. 

And last but not least, we just don’t know. We don’t know how certain foods affect our bodies, how they affect our moods and how to eat for nourishment of our body and spirit (enjoyment). 

Do you offer advice? 

Yes, I teach you more information on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and mindset tips that lead to behavioral change and sustainable weight loss. At the end of our program, you leave feeling more confident in your choices and know what it takes you find balance and manage your weight! 

Will I get a meal plan or exercise plan? 

No, my goal is to empower you to do what's best for YOU. Meal plans can be helpful but what happens when you're out and about? What happens when you're traveling? Will you know how to eat in a way that still helps you enjoy your food AND reach your weight loss goals? Or will you eat whatever is in sight and then feel guilty because it wasn't according to "the plan"? See where I'm getting with this? I want to show you how to make healthier lifestyle choices that fit your goals, not someone else's and so when it comes to exercise, it's the same thing. If you actually hate what the person is recommending, will you continue to do it? And if you do, will you give it your all or some half-assed effort? I want you to be in a position where you now trust yourself to make the best decisions for you. Yes, I probably said that already but that let's you know, I mean it. You are a grown woman and you've probably given away so much of your power already that you don't even realize when you're doing it. It's time to reclaim your power, sis. 

What other resources do you offer? 

I'm a Confidence and Growth Mindset Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and Health and Nutrition Coach. Yea, your girl loves to learn but also I needed to find peace and balance---understanding what works best and also realizing when it comes to weight, it's more than just "eat less". With that being said, I understand most of us use food to cope so with that, I do have additional resources to help you learn how to forgive yourself and others, how to allow yourself to receive blessings coming your way and also find balance. I'm a high vibe kinda chick so I'll also include tools to help you raise your vibrations (aka feel good, release stress/tension and just be in a better place mentally and emotionally). You can use these tools as needed but again, if I think you'd benefit from them, I'll kindly direct you to them. Sometimes coaches see things that you may not see because you're sitting too close to the action. My goal is ALWAYS to offer assistance and/or guidance in the best way I can. 

Why is this mission important to me?

Back in 2007, I lost 66lbs and gained it ALL back. I had absolutely no idea how I'd lost the weight. I was low-key starving myself and because I didn't know what I did, I couldn't maintain the weight loss. So of course, when I decided to try to lose the weight again, I kept finding a way to self-sabotage. I'd keep putting it off until tomorrow. Then I'd work out for countless hours and then eat everything in sight then I believed the lie that "nothing works." I killed my own confidence. I lost belief in myself. I gave up. Look if that sounds like anything you've gone through, trust me. I've been there before. I know exactly what you're going through and that's why I created this program to help you shift your mindset and create a healthier lifestyle so you lose the weight and keep it off AND boosting your confidence! Yes, I want to help you look AND feel good! So if you're struggling to get started, I'm going to help you develop TRUE confidence so you get there and claim what's yours! 

What about additional support? 

I'm available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feel free to text, e-mail, PM or Slack me during those hours.
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